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The Last Olympian Ch. 16a

w/ Fran McMahon

Fran from the Best Dam Camp podcast hops into the guest chair to go on a ride, not in a crashing helicopter, but instead, through most of PJO Book 5 Ch. 16! Topics include: gateways, Film Four, the UK Covers, the Nine Dash Line, Buzz Lightyear, Rosie the Riveter, Wonder Woman, collateral drama, Santa Claus Energy, St. Thomas, artistic autistics, horse flicks, main character energy/syndrome, bringing booty back, hated Percy Jackson podcasters, accidental narcissism, Stardew Valley, Pete Wentz, Nico’s top form, The United Nations, Daddy Issues: The Series, Señor Root Beer, and more!


TNO IN DC THIS WEEK (and more shows):


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