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The Last Olympian Ch. 14b–15

w/ Johnny Frohlichstein

Johnny returns to the pod and joins Mike IN THE SAME ROOM to discuss an action-packed chapter and a half of Percy Jackson Book 5 for a goof-packed episode! Topics include: Marriage Club, David Ortiz, 007: Nightfire, LOTR Ents, cheese pump up songs, Game of Thrones, gym socks, Nelly Furtado, practical effects, O-Zone, needle drops, Taylor Swift, The Now Sow, Rick’s self-awareness, fourth wall, horse powers, Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, Train, Modern Muckraker, wedding speeches, Laffy Taffy jokes, triaging, PWNIES, surprise Thalia, prequels, John WHOA, Percy’s maturity, The Bobby Earl Chronicles, Casting Emmy, Duane Reade, Pac-Man, Waystar Royco, and more!


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