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The Last Olympian Ch. 12b–13a

w/ Eric Hamilton Schneider

Midwest boy Eric Schneider is back in the guest chair, ready to cover some of the pre-battle chapters of Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian! Topics include: squeaky cars, LEGO, danger zones, too little to late Luke, Fast and Furious, Kronos 2: Electric Boogaloo, spy thoughts, the Jersey Shore, Ohio, Appalachia, sleepy alcohol, fatal flaws, cholesterol, oily men, DEADlines, tax loopholes, Kneeco, Uno, sunk cost fallacy, B.A.D., HYPErion, soccer fields, Heckscher, dog stereotypes, zingers, Beyoncé, Apple Vision Pro, The Muppets, Dr. Teeth, mental health professionals, and more!


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