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The Last Olympian Ch. 11–12a

w/ Eric Hamilton Schneider

Schubes' longtime creator pal, Eric Hamilton Schneider, makes his TNO debut in his hometown of The Land to cover some PJO Book 5 chapters filled with battles and emotions! Topics include: bowling, Ohio ads, Extreme Measures 3, high roads, drawing an axe, invincibility, feral hogs, Arts & Krafts, Slash McGee, pigeon references, “interesting,” weak spots, Bridge Simulator, T-Mobile, Sidekick Vol. 3, Dr. Everythingsokay, pee mugs, the Dougie, horse powers, Gasolina, gabled roofs, Alfred Hitchcock, anime, demigod med school, Annabeth Chase: Winter Shoulder, Cash 4 Gold, Misny, Humongous Entertainment, Utah streets, and more!


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