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The Sea of Monsters Ch. 1-2a

w/ J'Neia Stewart

J'Neia Stewart (@TheLady_Artemis) is here to kick off our coverage of the second book in Rick Riordan's PJO series: The Sea of Monsters! Topics include: the audiobooks, v(ch)oices, popcorn reading, daily Florida life, Encyclopedia Brown, The Good Place, back covers, Hobby Lobby & Michael’s, the Epic of Gilgamesh, James Avery, Prom with Jesus, infinity scarves, javelin, skateboarding, Grandpa GOllum’s House of Kickflips, brownstones, pants rules, super mom maneuvering, Succession, Shaquille O’Neal, bullies, aggressively regular, 1984, Compaq printers, Sir Bootswith de Fir, Homeslice, the R word, and more!

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