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w/ Michael Hollis

AT LONG LAST, THE HEROES OF OLYMPUS ERA OF THE NEWEST OLYMPIAN HAS BEGUN! Schubes and Michael Hollis take to the stage in Charlotte, NC to break down the first two chapters of The Lost Hero to ponder everyone's favorite question, "WHO THE H*CK IS JASON?!" Topics include: snowboarding jackets, narrators, eye color, height, Holes, spit-wad, special boys, Dallas Cowboys, The Lizzie McGuire, Draco Malfoy, Chekov’s baseball bat, The Grand Canyon, nightmares, K-dramas, cupcake, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, the god of rubber, smoke physics, Brickface, Butch McManliness, summoning, Disney World, Meddling Adults, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Dara Ó Briain, JJ Redick, and more!

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