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with Meghan Fruehauf & Kelly Schubert

To the most garbage part of this garbage film, Mike brought on his sister Meghan (non-PJO reader) and his wife Kelly (new PJO superfan) to break it all down! Topics include: a gaggle of guys, digestion monsters, Finding Nemo, latitude & longitude powers, Disney’s Hercules, Sahara, Super Carlin Bros., pine branches, Circe, Gringotts, Chris Columbus, It’s a Small World, The Little Mermaid, googley eye, Tom & Jerry, gatling crossbow, Voldemort, Dora the Explorer, talking Riptide, acquired taste, Cyclopes, enemies to lovers, Clafleece, Michael’s, Moana, Annabelle’s Wish, Broadway, Tyson, Buccee’s, breakfast cereal, Hillary Duff, mermaids, mood rings, and more!


Watch the replay of the Heroes of Olympus Ch. 1–2 stream:


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