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PJO TV Show s1e6

w/ Phoebe Corde & Emily Garber

Surely we can't be 3/4 through the season... clearly we're in the Lotus Casino and time has passed us by! Phoebe and Emily from Monster Donut join to break down all the wonderful moments in PJOTV ep 6 and give some mythological insight as well! Topics include: spicy food, Billy on the Street, Big Rick, corporeal Kronos, Iris Message party, Cracker Barrel, Siri, Sigfried, Among Us, streaming, Percabeth, The Grover Spectrum, Dua Lipa, essays, half-jokes, Etsy, MTV reality shows, School of Rock, The Odyssey, Hamilton, Darrin Erasure, Jeez, car conversations, 11:59:59, stressful shows, and more!



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