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PJO TV Show s1e2

w/ Erica Ito

Two episodes of the PJO TV show in one day means two episodes of TNO in one day! Erica from Seaweed Brain is here to go through all the wonderful moments from the second ep of the series! Topics include: nutritional yeast, grocery stores, Grover-antis, stained glass, Mr. D dynamics, Persassiness, BRUNNER, Centaur Mentor, the Hercules statue, anti-vaping, Clay-reese, Kimmy Eckman, pinnochle, metal noises, Supreme Lord of the Bathroom, Yikes McGee, Luke/Annabeth love, pacing, the choiciest choice, Flossing Manifesto, The Mountains of Long Island, Father of Horses, Forbidden Children, and more!

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