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Myths in The Last Olympian

w/ Dr. Moiya McTier

Finally, we have reached Rick Riordan's greatest writing: his scathing emails to the production team behind the film version of The Lightning Thief. First, Melissa joins to cover the movie's history and reception. Then, Meghan hops aboard to dissect the emails themselves. Topics include: Benjamin Sniddlegrass, Christmas With the Franks, Twilight, Cheaper by the Baker’s Dozen, “Read another book,” The Last of Us, Taylor Swift, Pride & Prejudice, The Hunger Games, sus recommendations, spaced out ellipses, #PettinessWins, Twilight, Megan Thee Email, Eragon, The Hunger Games, spit take, The Riordan Cut, Oxford commas, Macguffins, Beetleborgs, and more!


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