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The Lightning Thief Movie

w/ Adam Mamawala & Sequoia Simone

Adam is back, Sequoia is in as our book reader guest, and Mike of course is here to continue covering this... film. On the bright side, the jokes flow like Diet Coke and the crowd is as hyped as Mr. D upon receipt of a Diet Coke. Topics include: Hitting us over the head, ESPN Zone, tasty soap, fringe, Kurt Cobain, White Lotus, discount Voldemort, Air Bud, Russell Offbrand, Australian Hades, vague motivations, Spider-Man, Legends of the Hidden Temple, security concerns, Candyland, Mike Teavee, fishing chairs, lack of emotion, hug types, Monstars, HILLARY DUFF, Calabria 2007, earring tips, yoga, Old Navy, Flo Rida, bagels, and more!


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