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The Last Olympian Ch. 19

w/ Sequoia Simone

Sequoia Simone from But Make It Scary is back and is here for what is without a doubt the funniest episode of TNO that has ever been released. We cover an incredibly intense chapter that features the showdown with Kronos and so much more. It’s a fun show in front of a packed crowd and you’re gonna love it! Topics include: LeakyCon, New Jeans, Carly Rae Jepsen, The Illinois Lottery, Jaritos, untethered Olympus, Kronos LEGO, Inspector Gadget, Homer Simpson, Kronos makeover, efficient villains, The Jonas Brothers, Burnin’ Up, “Nick, come on the pod,” E-than, Nakamura’s fall, Crash Bandicoot, bad HQ choices, villain merchandising, trying hard, The Sound of Poseidon, the Jersey Shore, Blizzard Beach, Typhon Tartarus Tumble, aprons, Terminator 2, Chekov’s melted sword, Luke’s death, indoor basketball courts, East High School, Battle Map of Manhattan, Elijah Wood, Lord Of the Rings, The Sears Tower, Annabelle, Taylor Swift Eras, Steve Kerr, Mythomagic cards, The Proclaimers, and more!


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