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Myths in Battle of the Labyrinth

w/ Red from Overly Sarcastic Productions

Before we can get into Book 5, we have to talk about the myths from the previous book because they are JUICY. This time, we switch things up with a new myth expert, Red from OSP! Topics include: liking your parents, Hades II (the video game), Dionysus’ backstory, leopard print, “legs,” Orphic cults, gods DLC, Heracles, Kris Kardashian, Calypso, The Oceanic Adventure of Odysseus, Pan, Fern Gully, eclipse totalities, Ovid, exploding, SpongeBob, The Bachelor, citation needed, Minos, labyrinths, the Minoans, Theseus, and more!

OSP Dionysus video:

OSP Pan (in Hermes) video:


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