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The Demigod Files Story #3 Part 1

w/ Kelly Schubert

Kelly and Schubes discuss the first half of the final installation of the PJO Demigod Files live in Finland! Stick around for the Q&A where Mike eats the forbidden salty licorice. Topics include: note-taking, e-readers, business expenses, English class, Hummers, poodles, Espoo marketing, Carl Schurtz Park, unlikely friendship videos, thematic elements, New Orleans, escape rooms, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix HD, Ke$ha, 22 Bridges, Carnation Corner w/ Kelly, Beauty and the Beast, Taylor Swift, time-optimism, Anna and the Apocalypse, Times Square, 80s music, hip-hop, Run DMC, the Yankees, Bouldey, one more try, nicknames, and more!


TNO Live in Seattle, Vancover, and more: 

Full Q&A: 

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