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The Battle of the Labyrinth
Ch. 18b-19

w/ Joel Rochester

Joel Rochester from fictionalfates is back on the pod, but this time it's LIVE IN LONDON. Schubes and the Welsh Wonder (brand new nickname for Joel) discuss the intense battle and council meeting in Battle of the Labyrinth! Topics include: hairbrushes, catapult, 300, tree bark, The Hunger Games, Is It Cake?, GRWM, The Karate Kid, “vode” of confidence, Kingdom Hearts, Troy Bolton, LEGO, feral hogs, Legolas, fissure logistics, fireman poles, Let The Rain Fall Down, accessories, Cheese Watch, peeled grapes, souvenirs, godly relationships, Worcestershire, demidemigods, Divergent, The New Forest, Supergiant Games, pigeon traits, and more!


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