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The Battle of the Labyrinth Ch. 16

w/ Kelly Schubert

Everyone’s favorite architect, Kelly Schubert, joins Mike for the final stop of Calitrounia to discuss the chapter of BotL where we meet Kronos! Intense stuff, but goofs abound. Topics include: SF cold, Toy Story, Bryce’s Canyon, trash guys, Empathy Link, improv, nepotism babies, Khaki Man, Colorado School of Mines, rice cookers, curtain wall, Gollum, foyer, Rick & Ansem, Terminator 2, slot machines, treading water, tech companies, Uber, The Hoover Dam, basketball games, free food, and more!

Tourth America -
5/24/22 - Seattle
5/26/23 - Vancouver
6/14/23 - Cleveland
6/16/23 - Detroit
6/18/23 - Toronto

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