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Greek Mythology in The Titan's Curse

w/ Dr. Moiya McTier

Our Myth Correspondent, Dr. Moiya McTier (@goastromo), is back to recap all the mythological references made in Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse! Naturally, the episode ends with Mike share some silly language-based stories. Topics linclde: Focus mode, Orion’s Belt, Artemis, immortality, Uncle Rick creations, the Hesperides, Puss in Boots, booping snoots, 101 Dalmatians, Game of Thrones, video games, Tony Hawk’s Underground, serpent heads, keto, Ovid’s Ophiotaurus, Hercules’ Labors, Mt. Othrys, McCauley Caulkin, Bacchanalia, French stories, and more!

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