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The Titan's Curse Ch. 17-18

w/ J'Neia Stewart

J'Neia Stewart (@TheLady_Artmeis) makes her triumphant return to talk about two of the most action-packed and emotion-packed chapters of Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse! Topics include: Haikus, ATLA, reading chapter titles, self-given nicknames, umlauts, End of Ze World, leagues, Draco Malfoy, Steve Nash, Stromile Swift, Frasier, turbulence, Atlas, petty little things, the book title reveal, squats, Steve Martin, Uno, roaches, book parents, AP US History, #NotAllMen, Hercules/Heracles, Greek pronunciations, cool belts, the audiobook narrator, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, RocketLeague, Pork Pie Squad, creeps, Batman, Dollar Store toilet paper, and more!

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