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The Titan's Curse Ch. 13

Live w/ Steven Parra

Steven Parra joins Schubes live on stage in New York City for the first ever TNO live show to discuss the very spicy Ch. 13 of Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse! Plus, Sherry Guo makes an appearance for the Q&A at the end! Topics include: Riordan Wiki, old farts, The Brave Little Toaster, Pride & Prejudice, stargazing, learning English, the Death Star, The Darrin Line, The West Wing, Roosevelts, Back to the Future, trap doors, The Formula of Tacos, Pink Floyd, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Compaq monitors, mesas, Atlanta Falcons, Bonobos, Rock Band, barking, basketball teams, NYC recommendations, Spider-Man, tortilla structure, New Jersey, and more!

For a video version of this live show, go to

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