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The Sea of Monsters Ch. 18-19a

w/ Kelly Schubert

We're nearing the end of another PJO book, meaning it's time for Kelly to return! The creative mind behind Magic Shop Patches hops in the guest chair to continue our Sea of Monsters coverage. Topics include: Perceptive friends, Horcruxes, Thor’s hammer, water hotels, business expenses, “ouchie!”, Comanche warriors, Uncle Buck, TEA TIME, the Atkins Diet, Steeplechase, Chi-Non Answers, PJ’s 16th Birthday, teacher moments, Harry Potter names, Rockabye Baby, PJO Team Racing, Avatar, Central Park Softball, doing the dishes, Hermès, the Scuttlebutt Section, sea blue, Johannes Gutenberg, and more!

TNO Live in NYC on 8/24:

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