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The Lightning Thief Movie

w/ Adam Mamawala & Steven Parra

After 2+ years of positive vibes on TNO, we have finally come across something that Mike and the gang do not love: the first film adapatation of Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Schubes is joined live on stage in Philadelphia by Steven Parra and Adam Mamawala, who has never read the PJO books. Find out if Adam liked the movie having no reference for the story (spoiler alert: he hated it too)! Topics include: Indigenous Peoples’ Productions, Grey’s Anatomy’s Dr. Owen Hunt, vague accents, Empire State Building prices, Nirvana, Tropic Thunder, Rick O’Riordan, Drunk in Love, Bite Your Heart Out, It’s a Wonderful Lightning Thief, jazz squares, Ricky Bobby, I Dream of Genie, My Super Sweet 16, flight surgeons, TikTok voice, NJ Transit, The Park-thenon, Dr. Seuss, and more!



Video version of this episdoe: SOMING SOON


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